This is our very special Siamese…Scotia


Scotia needed to be homed somewhere with NO OTHER CATS, was around 9 years old and only had 3 teeth but EXTREMELY LOVING.  She needed a long-term home and is also on occasional medication as sometimes her stools are loose but the medication helps with this.  She loves a good chat and loves to rub around your legs at feed time and enjoys the warmth and comfort of the human knee. We had Scotia for many months as nobody was interested in the beautiful Lilac point Siamese. She is so adorable, most of our volunteers would take her in a heartbeat but we all have cats. Due to her medical issues the vet advises that she can’t be rehomed with other cats sadly. We really seriously struggled to rehome her and began to give up hope of that special adopter ever coming along.
But on the 23rd June 2012 the perfect person chose her and our dear Scotia has been rehomed………A long wait, but well worth it.

 I speak on behalf of all volunteers who tried so hard to find Scotia “home” when I say a huge thank you to her new owners…..what would we do without people like you who look beyond the little problems that our felines can sometimes bring? I didn’t think that this day would ever come around. We love you….and Scotia of course. May you all grow old(er) and happier together, love Faye . xxxx