Update 16th June 2012. Bobby has successfully been rehomed……that’s what you get for becoming a temporary resident…Bobby left saying “Patience was a virtue”. have a great life Bobby. xxx

┬áBobby has now become a resident after being in a cage for over 4 weeks…We are trying really hard to find him a home quickly as he is giving the other residents a hard time. He has ruffled quite a few bundles of fur over the past 2 weeks, so if anyone out there wants to adopt a cat with a bit of spark then Bobby is your man!

Bobby was brought to us mid April from an elderly lady who had been feeding him for years. She has poor health and although she wanted him back initially after his arrival, she now realises that her health must take precedence. We have had Bobby neutered and on 9th May he will have his 2nd vaccination. He is about 6 years old and sports a lovely “onion” head. This is the shape entire males usually get through scar tissue build up after years of fighting. He is timid fellow and would suit a quiet home similar to the one the lady lived in who fed him. Also it would be nice if he were the only cat. Please ring the rescue or pop in and meet this soft soldier. Thank you, Faye.