Hi, my name is Huxley and I came to the rescue in June 2012 at around 18 months -2 years old. I was left behind by my owner when they decided to move out. A kind neighbour helped me and brought me to the rescue. My carers here had me neutered and fully vaccinated. I do like to be stroked but I will soon get my point across to you when enough is enough! I enjoy being around humans and one family did adopt me but it turned out they thought I was a little too frisky for their children. Nothing wrong with a bit of frisky I say! No-one else came along so I now live as a permanent resident here. It’s a great life, especially because I love cars. It took me a while to work out there was a garage down the lane but once I did there was no stopping me. The men in the garage are fine about me being there, they made a bed for me, feed me, and best of all, let me sit in cars, my favourite pastime! You’ll often find me hanging around the lane ready to say hello to all the visitors and volunteers. It’s a good life and even though I’d have liked to have a home, I can’t complain, all my needs are met thanks to my carers. Love Huxley xx