sorry about the photo as I had to use the flash.

Salem was, shall I say “brought and left” at the rescue. The very kind man just arrived without checking if we had space first, of which we didn’t. After being abusive to one of our volunteers he very kindly turned round and started to walk down the street only to open the cage and let Salem loose in a dangerous and unfamiliar area. Our volunteer rushed to the man who was told to catch poor Salem back and bring him back to the rescue. Basically that is all he did. Aren’t some people good-natured? Salem is roughly a year old and will go for neuter next Tuesday. he is a little nervous but not nasty. Is it any wonder he is scared? rest assured he is in a safe place now and we can offer him everything he deserves. For any more information call the rescue on  0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye