This is 6-year-old Simba. He is a rather big boy who came to the rescue on the 15th June. He was being fed as a stray since December 2011. The man who had been feeding him was worried for his welfare as he was due to travel abroad this week for more than a month. We took him in and scanned him to find a microchip. The details we obtained led us to an old property that he used to live at. With the powers that be we located his former owner who says she gave him up for adoption some years ago. She relinquished all responsibility for him  and was told he had a new owner. We have failed to locate that person and now after nearly a week  we are now able to offer Simba up for adoption. His former owner says he was a lovely lad  until he launched onto her Daughter whilst she was in bed one night. It scared her somewhat and so he was given up for adoption. A few years have passed and we are pretty sure his character has changed. He has not caused any of our volunteers any concerns and feel he is capable to be homed to the majority of family settings. Considering what we were told we best ask for homes that do not have very young children or babies. For more information please call the rescue on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.