Please welcome our former friend Mabel…..previously homed with us.

She was brought back as her owners said she was being sick on a regular basis and they took her to a vet to be checked. The vet put the frighteners on and said that if no change then they would need to do scans and blood tests. Her owners could not afford this type of treatment. Since Mabel has been with us we have had a general check of her at our vet and nothing untoward was detected. We have monitored her and nothing has been noted by way of sickness or diarrhoea etc. We are therefore confident that Mabel can now be rehomed. She is a neutered 3-year-old who would  just love to be in someones home in time to appreciate what we have left of “the Summer” !

If you think you can help then please call our rescue on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.