Our stunning and wonderful Mum Ruth.

What a story….. she came to our rescue via a “Man of the Cloth” being heavily pregnant. He has saved other strays in the past and brought in those also. Ruth (given a biblical name) was reluctant to let go of her brood and went through tremendous trouble giving birth. Luckily she was in foster with very VALUABLE VOLUNTEERS who eventually had to help deliver her babies….what a trauma… They all survived…. Unfortunately Ruth was put through another trauma where some of her teats were building up milk and making feeding very very¬†uncomfortable….She neede crucial vet treatment and on a regular basis as she had to be well enough to feed her brood… It didn’t look at all looking back but with great support from her foster carers Davina and Darren ( and their 2 Daughters we must add) they got Ruth through this terrible trauma…If things had got much worse, then there was a chance that she would lose some of her nipples through this problem she had…. God Bless Crown House Vets for saving the days that followed…. Mum and kittens ( now separated from her) are all EXTREMELY HEALTHY!

We want to now find the absolute perfect home for Ruth….after the journey she has been on, the least anyone could do is offer her a 5 star happy ending….

Ruth is around 12 months old and is currently waiting for her milk to dry back so that we can take her for neutering and vaccination. If there is that VERY SPECIAL SOMEONE out there then please get in touch with us….she does deserve…ONLY THE BEST… call the rescue on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.