This is our youngest girl in the rescue (adult cattery section). She is the Daughter of Princess August who were brought to the rescue in July/August. They had been left in a house and the Landlord found Mum and 4 very unsocialized kittens along with other adult cats. We could only┬átake the Mum and kittens at the time and all were verging on being full feral cats. We took them into foster for quite some time and 3 of the kittens and Mum have since been happy enough to be homed and live as Domestic cats should do. Unfortunately Little Princess is left handing around and has been in a cage for over 4 weeks….It is such a shame that she is being over looked..for no reason at all. She is only slightly nervous now and would flourish if she were homed to people who go that extra stroke or two to bring her into real domestic bliss. If you think you can help find this (18 weeks) youngster her everlasting home then please get in touch with the rescue by calling down or ringing us on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.