A sad goodbye to resident cat Honda.

OnOn 30th October 2012 we had to bid a sad goodbye to a longstanding resident of the rescue, our dear old boy Honda. He had become less of a visitor to the rescue and spent most of his time with Pat, our Secretary who lives next to the site. Years of living outside before he came to us had made Honda’s mind up that he wanted to experience his creature comforts indoors like any elder cat would do. Why he didn’t want this initially in the early days at the rescue we don’t know but in these last few years he had been given service by Pat that only royalty would appreciate! She has pampered him so much and he repaid her with love, love, love. Furry cuddles and purrs have been his way of repaying Pat and some of us volunteers when he allowed us to be his servants!. In recent years he had to undergo surgery for ear cancer and some other lumps found on his body during his many visits to the vets. Then, towards the end his ear cancer  returned and his weight had dropped a little.  Blood test results at the vets showed was severely anaemic and too weak to go under a general anaesthetic to treat his ear cancer. There was a chance we could have brought him home to spend what time he may have had left with us but we were all concerned it would be less rather than more. It was by no means an easy decision for anyone to make who knew him but Honda was put to sleep, we couldn’t let him carry on suffering.  No matter how hard we want to save the world, sometimes you just have to let go and appreciate the quality that something so small has give you.  Honda gave so much pleasure and joy and many tears were shed at the end of his life. May he rest in peace and be looking over us with his furry knots….R.I.P. old boy, you were an inspiration to us all. xxxx

Here is his profile that used to be on the residents page of our website.

My name is Honda and I am approximately 10 – 12 years old.  I have lived at the rescue for many years now and I love it!  It’s so much better than my previous life of being a stray. I get to come and go as I please and tasty food is always at the ready waiting for me to devour!!   Just look at how handsome I am!   I’m not one for mixing with the other cats so if you visit the rescue,  look up and you will normally find me sat on top of the gazebo lovingly gazing down at you. I might look a bit of a fluff ball sometimes but with me being an ‘outdoor kind of cat’ I’m not into all this grooming –  and complain mightily if anyone tries to beautify me!!  Recently I had to have another operation, I had cancer on my ears and to stop it spreading to my head I had to have my ears trimmed.  I’m ok now though as I’m all healed up but the volunteers have to keep an eye on me.  I love my life here at the rescue and I am so thankful and grateful to everyone who makes it possible for me to live this lovely life with excellent care from the volunteers and life saving veterinary treatment!!