THE DUO ARE BACK…..and it hasn’t been an easy decision from their owners. Adopted in June 2011 with not an ounce of trouble caused by these lovable rogues! I mean that seriously….you cannot get a serious picture with these two around! The reason they were reluctantly brought back was because their owners Son had developed Asthma in a bad way. To add to this upsetting decision a neighbour was complaining that the boys were walking all over his car…..a soft top! Tut, tut…..should have got some paw proof boots you guys! Basil who is the ginger and white and Shadow, all black  are 6 years old and come as a duo…..THEY MUST BE HOMED TOGETHER. This is not up for discussion. I have seen them in action and wouldn’t dream of taking one without the other…. Both are neutered but not vaccinated at present. Any queries, please call the rescue on 0161 653 6530. WE DO NOT RESERVE OVER THE PHONE….SO COME ON DOWN AND MEET THESE LIKELY LASS. Thank you, Faye