Another sad week at the rescue. We had to have one of our dear old residents put to sleep this week, our 15-year-old Aurora. She had, over recent months, taken more of a back seat and tended to rest more than exercise. We noticed that her mobility had depleted and decided we should get her checked out by our vets. First of all we tried anti-inflammatry medication – in her food as Aurora was not the easiest to handle be any means. That was just the way she was and we loved her no matter what.   They didn’t work so we took her back for sedation, blood tests and x-rays which confirmed she had some arthritis but her bloods were inconclusive and none of her organs were too bad for her age. Sadly that meant we couldn’t rule out anything going on in her brain. She also had virtually no sight any more. We only had her back for one night and volunteers found her in the morning lying in her own mess on the office floor – she hadn’t been able to find her bed.  She was in such a sorry state. When she got to the vets they said it was more likely to have been a brain tumour and that it had progressed at some speed.  We took the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep.  We are saddened by yet another loss and hope she has found peace (and a comfy bed) at Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace our dearest Aurora. xxx