This is one soft boy. His mouth dribbles when you tickle him and he just purrs for fun!. Elvis was brought in on the weekend (10/11 November) after his owners were having to move to pet free accommodation. He is about 2 years old. He had been flea’d recently but it looks like he has a an allergy to flea bites. Also a few live ones were still on his very itchy/red skin. We have now treated him and are keeping a close eye on him till Friday to see if his over grooming  through excessive itching) subsides. He may well need a visit to our vet for a check up on this skin condition. It is all treatable though.His good looks and excellent behaviour out way his skin condition at the moment. For more information, please call the rescue direct on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye

Update…VERY LATE ON A THURSDAY NIGHT! 22nd NOVEMBER!: Elvis continues to be an adorable and scrummy boy. His fur is getting even better too. It has grown quite a bit, so he doesn’t have the “Baboon look” so much now. I would love him at mine but the Inn is full…. How about your Inn….what space could you offer? !!!!!