Hi, my name’s Figaro and I’ve got an incredible stroy to tell you!  I’m a very large black and white proud male and lived as a resident at Oldham Cats for quite a while.  I liked to “strut my stuff”, show my cheeky character, and  be stroked but only on my terms, usually if anyone had those tasty biscuits on offer!  I know I’m an absolute star and very handsome, all the volunteers said so too.  My life before I came to the rescue was a very lonely one, I was as a stray.  I had been wandering the streets for about a month until some kind soul brought me to Oldham Cats.  I was available for adoption but unfortunately the right person didn’t come along so after a while I became a resident.  I loved my life at Oldham Cats – all the volunteers took such excellent care of me, there was plenty of food, cuddles (when I allowed it) and, when needed, veterinary care.  But although I never told any of the other residents, I did sometimes fancy the idea of a home of my own.  Then, incredibly, someone fell for me and took me home on a trial run (I’m not sure what that meant but it consisted of lots of spoiling I can tell you and tons of those biscuits!).    After several weeks my new family told me it had been a success and I got to stay!   I’m really loving it, it’s taken a bit of getting used to but it’s extra special because my new family haven’t tried to stop me having my own special personality.   I even reward them with more affection and sit next to them quite a lot.  Not all the time of course, I don’t want them to think I’ve gone soft or something! Love Figaro xx (updated 6/9/2013)