This is our Chatty Man Ivor. As the picture shows he was at it as I took the photo!. I won’t tell you how many I deleted before this one!. He arrived at the rescue with another cat we called Holly and it was thought at first he was a she and so was called Ivy. It was soon apparent the she was a he and we amended the name we chose for him. Ivor is already neutered and is about 3 years old. A very very chatty boy who just adores loves, strokes and attention. We all know when he is eating….it’s quiet!. He has been in a few scraps recently but as both were dumped on someones doorstep, we don’t know anything about their past. The person who brought them in could not keep them as they had cats of their own. Can you offer the alternative Alan Carr cat a place in your home in time for Christmas??? Any more details then just call us on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye