Please welcome Blacky who is a Cross British short-haired. Born September 2006, Blacky is now a neutered, vaccinated and microchipped 6-7 year old. He is an odd little character. Enjoys sitting next to you, but not on your knee. He likes to stroke YOU, not the other way round! He also has this very odd habit of walking around everywhere with his tongue hanging out! Although he is a boy I’m quite sure the other boys on the block tease him as he is so “girlie” it’s quite amusing. His squeak (it’s not a purr) is very high-pitched and mouse like. Blacky likes to bring you presents home, but he never kills them, that’s your job. But if you tell him to “spit” the unfortunate present usually lives to see another day.

If you could help us rehome Blacky you would be making his owner sleep a little easier. Due to work commitments they have to relocate to another country. It is heartbreaking rehoming one but this person has another 3 cats we need to try to help. details are on the special note ont his page ( although currently these cats are not in the rescue and we are not sure if we can help this person with any space availability).

Call the rescue for any further information on 0161 653 6560. Thank you, Faye.