As mentioned on the profile of Blacky, I am inserting a ONE OFFappeal for 3 other cats from the same home needing help. We simply do not have space to take these cats in right now and time is ticking till this person moves to another country….reluctantly I may add.

PLEASE…… I ask that nobody else apply for a similar circumstance of appeal…. This IS a once only appeal.

IMPORTANT NOTE…. If we are unable to accept these cats into the rescue and a rehome is possible, it will be purely an arrangement between the two parties.

Here are the photos and a small write-up of the cats needing help with rehome.

Lily, Lucy and Jet

Here are there details.

Lilly Is the youngest girl She was born to Jet in 2006. Lilly will follow you every where, She will sleep on anything and won’t even wait until you have finished taking your coat off before settling down on it. She loves boxes of every size and shape. She is a bit of a fussy eater. The only high street cat food I have found that she’ll eat is Felix As Good As It Looks but not the beef. She adores Lasagne and will pinch your plate without hesitation.  Lilly has also been neutered

Lucy is Jets eldest offspring. She was March 2004. She is a mixed breed with a British Short hair and a domestic cat. She was born “dead” and the owner was lucky to revive her and then she was rejected by mum so had to be hand reared completely. Through this she is very affectionate and loving. she loves to sit on you, (not fussy which bit) and loves cuddles and strokes, the more the merrier. Lucy has been neutered. Her Purr could break windows and she talks constantly. She will eat ANYthing that you put before her, but of late she has decided she doesn’t like beef, maybe because her mum gets different she just copies.
Jet is the eldest and the mother, born  October 2002. She is a pedigree British Short hair with a flat nose so she snuffles a lot and snores like a trooper.
She is neutered and micro chipped. She is very affectionate, but incredibly lazy, she likes nothing more than food and sleep. She can be a little greedy with her food and she doesn’t like beef flavours but will happily eat pretty much anything else you give her especially spaghetti Bolognese which she has a tendency to steal if you are not careful. She has a very thick coat, which is black on top but a fawn colour underneath.