Amber.feb13Amber arrived with us on 15th February. Her owners had split up and she was being left alone for many hours each alone. This has led to her stress levels increasing and she started to overgroom herself. She has lost a fair amount of fur from her tummy and back legs because of this and has become introvert. Her shyness might put people off but given time and A LOT OF FUSS AND ATTENTION she should become a wonderful companion for a family setting. She is 4 years old and has been neutered. She also has a microchip. She is not a big dog lover so please bear this in mind when considering adoption. For a suitable match she will benefit from a home with children who are older and will understand she needs space to adapt. For more information please call us on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye

UPDATE: 5th March 2013. Amber has also been moved to isolation for the odd sneeze….After her vet visit last week for medication, Amber should be fit and well enough to move back to the main cattery. Her fur loss doesn’t seem to have improved but understandable¬†as she is not in a stable home environment. We will seek further veterinary advice on this towards the end of the week if needs be. Thank you, Faye.

UPDATE 7th March 2013. Amber has returned back into the main cattery. She has recovered from her sniffles but her fur doesn’t seem to be growing back. She is going back for another vet check on Friday 8th March to see if there is any vet treatment for her fur loss. We are putting it down to stress so will update you on her progress. Thank you, Faye

20130318_141024Update: 21st march 2013. Amber has had a steroid injection to break the cycle of over-grooming. It takes the itchiness that encourages a cat to lock to soothe the itching, hence over grooming. If you can see in todays photo, Amber’s fur is coming back. it is a slow process but we are getting there. With the help of another topical ointment, Amber’s mood has lightened also. She is not into little nipping at your hand anymore. If I had the space she would be with me….but I know someone out there has the serenity she deserves. Call the rescue if you wish to discuss Amber with us further. Thank you, Faye

Update: 26th March 2013: Amber is doing really well. No reason why she cannot be in a warm comfy home. As long as she is loved and not left for hours on end, we feel she is now ready and in time will possess her full coat of fur. Thank you, Faye