Lola.feb13What a stunning girl we have here. Lola returned to us  on 15th February after being adopted out in early 2011. We do not have a full history as to why she came back to us apart from someone intervening from her being put to sleep. She is now 9 years old and already neutered. She loves to be brushed….good job as she is a semi longhaired lady! We think that she won’t be with us too long as she has everything going in her favor. Age is just a number remember!!! A very loveable girl who would suit most home settings. For further advice call the rescue on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.

UPDATE: 5th March: Lola has been moved to isolation as she has had loose bowel movements. After several days with a bland diet and some medication her “movements” have not improved. She is booked to see the vet we use on 6th March. Updates on her progress will be published.

Update: 21st March. Poor Lola is still in isolation although she is responding to the medication that the vet has given us. Her fecal results have come back to say that she is a carrier of the coronavirus. Many cats can carry this virus and you never even know about it. When a cat is put in stressful situations then the virus can show itself by way of the loose pooh. Lola is becoming “stable” with her pooh right now and we feel she could be homed to a 1 pet home. somewhere on the quiet side where there are not often any stress factors, such as other pets, children, lots of changes in the home setting. We had a cat over a year ago which had been diagnosed with the coronavirus….She is still alive and definitely kicking…… Her owners don’t seem to have had many issues over the time they have had her. Please give us a call if you wish to discuss anything relating to her condition. She is such an adorable cat who loves humans, food and being groomed…..on and quite a bit of sleep! Thank you, Faye

Update 26th March. Lola is now out of isolation and with us in the rescue. She does need to go on a 1-2-1 home setting that is in the main very quiet. The less stress she has, the more a near perfect life she will fulfil. Thank you, Faye

Update 11th April. Lola is unfortunately still with us. Her pooh’s are virtually 99% formed now and she is just waiting for a final fecal sample result to come back to us. It will tell us whether she can be let out to be a resident ( with the option to be adopted) or for her to have the option to be homed with more that herself as a cat in the home. Watch this space! Thank you, Faye