ASSAM – now reserved

Assam.13mar13Assam arrived with us on Wednesday 13th March. He was brought in unannounced and we had to find space. The people who brought him were prepared to let him out of the box because we didn’t have space. They had been feeding him since November and more recently told us that young children were attacking him on the streets. He is around 10-12 months old. Mainly white, he has a few ginger bits on his ears and tail. He is booked in for neuter on Thursday 21st March, the earliest date we could book him in for. He will also get his 1st vaccination at the same time. He seems a very friendly lad but has had a few growls at the residents and volunteers’ dogs who have strolled into the rescue. Not saying he wouldn’t suit a multi pet household…its probably teething problems of him settling in to the rescue. For any further information, please call the rescue on 0161 653 6530 or pop in to see him. Thank you, Faye.