SAM – Found his forever loving home May/June 2013

Sam.3mar. is one of the older cats we have at the rescue. he arrived on 2nd March. He was the last remaining cat from a home filled with 7/8 felines. After his owner passed away around 18 months ago, gradually 1 by 1 the cats were signed back to the rescue as the Dad of the home could no longer give the care to these beauties as his wife used to do. Sam is at least 9 years old ( a rough estimate on Dads part!) and is neutered. He is all grey and is undergoing several brushing to bring him back to looking like Top Cat!. Sam has lots of purrs to give and loves human contact. Currently he has a watery right eye and an odd sniffle which we are simply putting down to as stress of being caged.  If we feel any veterinary advice/treatment is needed then we shall not hesitate to sort this out on his behalf. If you think that your home would let him stretch his paws then please contact our rescue for more information on  0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.

Update 21st March. Sam is in our isolation unit as he still has trouble with sneezing. Everything else is fantastic with him and he adores affection although we are not able to offer too much of this as he is isolated. His medication his having some effect although no perfect. We will update you further as we hear anything. Thank you, Faye

Update: 26th March. Sam has improved so much that we have let him become the latest resident. He has found his way around the rescue, sniffing and scouting about to get a feel for the place. He has now taken root in the office and isn’t phased by any of the others. A little old soldier who could possibly be homed but if we can work on sponsorship for him then we see no problem him living at the rescue. Thank you, Faye


Update 08/04/2013

Sam has now finished his medication and is now living with our other residents. He is still up for adoption.