Hi my name is Candy and I am 9 years old, I have lived at the rescue for many years now.  My friends here at Oldham Cats say that without your help I could not be fed and looked after as well as I am. I am a bit of a loner really, You can’t beat your own company I say! But, I do like to hang around the bungalow and pop in on Pat from time to time for food treats. Also Rose, who comes in the mornings brings me treats of salmon and tuna and lots of other ‘special’ treats. I think she brings them just for me really, but I do allow Maddie to share as we have been friends for such a long time – and I am always a ‘lady’. We like to have our ‘picnics’ in the garden sometimes.We have a lovely variety of foods and when the sun is shining – and we are feeling like taking it easy  – it’s a wonderful way to pass an afternoon. We don’t really invite any of the other resident cats to our little ‘soirees’ as they always seem quite happy to stay with the volunteers and share their sandwiches. Maddie and I don’t ‘do’ sandwiches we are better than that…! I have seen a lot of cats & their kittens come and go at Oldham Cats in my years here. Sometimes I think it might be nice to share a house with a human or family of them. But I look at my life here- I come and go as I please- wandering into the fileds if the mood takes me – then coming back to the lovely warmth of our ‘outhouse’ to sleep and eat. I say hello to the humans if my mood takes me that way- I give them a wide berth if I don’t feel like ‘chatting’. It’s nice not to have to do things when they want me too and just live for me (and Maddie).I couldn’t be happier!