Hi my name is Maddie and I am 9 years old. My friends here at Oldham Cats tell me that it is with help of people like you that all of us residents are so well looked after and given the best vet treatment when needed.

As you may know, I don’t really visit the main part of the rescue much during the day time when its busy. I am quite a shy girl but I do like to come down for a good “nosey” around when its quiet. There is always plenty of yummy food placed around so I like to pick and choose, a bit like a pick and mix. I like to visit “Auntie Pat”, who lives at the bungalow next door every morning and she always has some yummy food for me too. As does “Auntie Rose” who is always at the rescue first thing in the morning to clean and check on all the cats and kittens who are “staying” here. I don’t really like to go inside houses, I much prefer to live outdoors. My coat has really improved over the years and is very thick and soft which I like. I tend to sleep in the “outhouse” next to the bungalow and its all “kitted out” (no pun intended!) for us with beds and trays and yes more food! Love Maddie xx