Hi my name is Precious and I am 9 years old and so beautiful! I am known as the super model among the resident cats and like nothing better than spending hours being cuddled and stroked by anyone and everyone. A super model has to keep her coat shiny and all that stroking really helps! My carers here at Oldham Cats say that without your help I would not be able to eat as well as I do or have our nice vet to look after me so well. I arrived at the rescue as a kitten in very poor health, I had cat flu and acid burns on my nose, I nearly didn’t  make it but thanks to the volunteers and excellent veterinary care I pulled through. I lost my tail in an accident a few years ago but am now quite happy with my ‘new look’(I was a bit upset when I lost it at first!). I think it makes me look rather sleek and I need a little help in that direction at the moment, weight loss is always an issue with us ladies! Toby, one of the other residents, is mad keen on hunting and brings back quite a good collection of various creatures. I have become very wise in my older age and sometimes, if I am fancying a bit of ‘fresh’ food but also feeling a bit lazy then I lay in wait for Toby to come up the drive with his latest ‘bounty’ and I ‘relieve’ him of it. As you can tell, I am still a cheeky young lady! But it just makes me very loveable don’t you think?
I am so sweet-natured I like nothing more than a cuddle from all my human friends. I insist that I get the best cuddle ever by sitting on your shoulder and rubbing my head against yours! Just listen to my purr. I am one happy cat!!  I hope to stay here forever, I am adored by many, and it’s so safe for me here as there are no busy roads. Good job really as I have no road sense since I’ve lived here from being a kitten. Love Precious xxx