Hi my name is Pugsy.  I was given my freedom from the main cattery on the 14th February 2011, when I was 3, as I had been in my cage for a month, hoping that some kind soul would adopt me. Alas the right person didn’t come along.  You can’t miss me – I am a big white cat with extremely gorgeous eyes and a very handsome lad even if I do say so myself!  I was very nervous when I was first allowed to roam freely around the grounds. All the other residents hanging around worried me slightly so I took to hiding away and only showed my face when I was hungry.  After careful observation of the humans and my fellow feline kind I realised that no one here is out to harm me and I took to sleeping in front of the fire in the main cattery, its so warm and cosy!  My carers here at the rescue often wonder if I am deaf. Now I can’t tell them if I am or not can I?! – they don’t understand cat language. Sometimes I do respond to noise, other times I don’t, and I quite like the fact it’s left all these humans guessing!  Either way it doesn’t matter if I am deaf or not as I know that I will still receive the excellent love and care from all of the volunteers here at the rescue, but what would help greatly is if some kind soul could sponsor me, to enable me to continue to live this lovely life.  Thank you, love Pugsy x