BILLY.JUL13Update: 19th August. I took the option to open Billy’s cage door. He didn’t even move…..he really does need a place to live. Now he isn’t sure if its safe to come out of the cage….

Awwww. Billy has mates!! He came back to the rescue after 12 months or more in a perfect home setting. His only fault was that he kept visiting feral cats who were being fed by a neighbour. When he came home he would try out his cattitude on his fellow female housemate. His owners persevered in trying to stop his naughtiness but he wouldn’t conform! We want a home for him with no other cats. At the moment he thinks he is in the “dog house” and has been extremely well-behaved…. like butter wouldn’t melt… Could you offer 3 year-old Billy his only cat home? Please call into the rescue and have a chat with one of our volunteers or call for further information on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye