Jet.aug13Please say hello to our young lady Jet.  She arrived with us on 21st August 2013 and is 8-12 months old. She is already neutered thanks to her  finder.  She’d been a stray for some weeks and as the man who found her had a cat (who doesn’t do other cats!)  he tried his best to find her owner.  As he got no result he then had Jet neutered and tried to find a rescue to take her after her recuperation.  It turns out Jet is not too keen on other cats either!  If you think your home has a slot for one little one then please come down and have a chat with Jet…..she won’t bite, she’s lovely….well, we don’t think she will, she hasn’t so far! Our number to check she is still with us before you visit is 0161 653 6530. Update 26th August 2013:  Jet was homed today but it didn’t last for long.  She lashed out at one of the owners other cats. We therefore highly recommend that Jet is homed to a household where she will be the only cat. Update: 15th September 2013 – Jet has been homed thankfully xx