Max.aug13That ball is only for effect! You don’t think at 5 years old I am going to get up and play with that do you?!!! I came into the rescue on 10th August 2013 with another cat. We didn’t rub along too well in the same cage so had to be separated. My buddy was adopted quickly but I began to give up hope of anyone giving me that magical place to move into.  I kept giving tons of love and affection to anyone and everyone who paid me attention, I let them pick me up and hold me for ages, but the wait seemed to be never ending.  My owners had loved me very much but were being made homeless and couldn’t take me to wherever they were going.  I had always been an indoor cat with a huge soft spot for you humans and enjoy nothing more than endless cuddles and strokes.  Just when the volunteers and I had almost given up hope a wonderful man saw me on this website!   His cat had passed away and he was missing sharing his life with a cat.  He came the very next day to meet me, told the volunteers all about his home which they said sounded wonderful, so I decided to let him adopt me there and then!   The volunteers think I’m going to be very spoiled and loved from what he said.  I want to thank all the volunteers for their kindness and care but I’m not sorry to have left them behind to go and live with my very special human, love Max xxxx

  19 August 20131