Hello all, my name is Paddy and the picture on the left was taken in June 2012 when I originally came to the rescue. I was then adopted out for a short time but returned as the adoption didn’t work out.  Nobody took an interest in me so my carers decided my time was up for being cooped up in a cage and I became a resident. Then, in November 2012 someone’s son fell in love with me as I sat in front of the fire in the office. Sadly, once again I had to be returned to the rescue in August 2013. My new owners relationship broke down. I think a lot of good loving and living had given me a rounder shape than the last time I was at the rescue don’t you think?! Here’s my photo taken on my return.PADDY.AUG13I was born on St.Patricks Day, hence my name, and will be 7 years old in March 2014.  I happily lived with other cats at my last home (there were 6 of us) and young children too.  I adore fuss and attention and nothing more than to rub my chin and cheeks against humans for comfort.  Oh and settee’s are a good place to sit in my experience, positioned between two people preferably! I have such exciting news to tell you! I have been chosen again and adopted! This time I really hope it’s forever and my carers hope it will be too. I’ve gone to such a wonderful home. Life at the rescue is great but a home of your own cannot be faulted! love Paddy xx Paws crossed you don’t see me again on here.