Tilda is one of our rescued Mums, and we mean that literally. Recently published in the Middleton Guardian and the Manchester Evening News, Tilda and her kittens were dumped in sealed bags at a home near to the rescue. Fortunately the owner of the house where the cats were found noticed the bags and the labels attached to them. They read “MUM IN THIS BAG, KITTENS IN THE OTHER”. Sadly there were 3, 12-14 week old kittens in the bag but one had been attacked by what we think was a fox. All surviving cats were soaked, shook and hungry. We attempted to find the person(s) who dumped them via the RSPCA but as there was no CCTV footage it couldn’t be pursued. Tilda is 12-18 months and we have now had her neutered and her 1st vaccination. We reckon she needs only the very best of care for her 2nd chance in life. All calm and collected now, Tilda is set up and ready for her everlasting home. Please contact us for any further information on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye