PopcornHello everyone, my name is Popcorn. I arrived at the rescue on 19th April 2012 and they assumed I was a stray. When I was scanned (they always do that to check if any cat who arrives is microchipped) I had one so they all got very excited that I might be reunited with my owners. Sadly, even though Faye wrote them a letter, she never got a reply, so I was put up for adoption after 2 weeks of waiting. No-one came along and chose me so I was given my freedom at the rescue. I quite enjoyed it, especially noseying around the office (that’s me in the office in my picture) but there was one problem. I got a bit bullied by one of the other residents (who shall remin nameless but he knows who he is!!). Thankfully, after a few months someone saw me and adopted me. I was thrilled and am so happy to have been chosen to get a loving home of my own at last, love Popcorn xx