Raising funds – using our imaginations as costs keep rising.

Accounts for website Oldham Cats receives no guaranteed funding but it costs a lot to run. Costs keep rising, as we all know only too well! Cat food, litter, utilities and veterinary fees (which includes neutering of all adopted cats and kittens at 6 months old) are on the increase. We have good and bad years financially and any rescue can be hit at any time by a virus outbreak which involves closing until it is cleared, a very costly experience which thankfully has only happened twice in our lifetime so far (the last time being in 2006). Last year (2012/13) we spent over £4,000 more than we raised – just click on the link ‘Accounts for Website’ at the start of this post to see the detail. The Trustees and volunteers have been pulling out all the stops this year to do a huge variety of fundraising including making knitted snake cat toys which sell from our office for £1, promoting sponsorship of our resident cats, and running tombolas in shopping centres. We couldn’t survive without the amazing support we receive from some regular donors – individuals who generously give us their own personal money. Thankyou!! Special thanks too to Samantha Fahmy who has raised an incredible amount over the last two years by collecting knitted and crocheted goods, co-ordinating it all and persuading market traders where she works to sell it on their stalls with all proceeds going to Oldham Cats. Samantha, you are fantastic! And special thanks too to a group called the Streetcats who have members from all over the UK and worldwide. They have donated money regularly, bought off our Amazon wish list, sent amazing handmade goods and second hand goods to sell at our winter and summer fairs and done a host of other money raising things for us. We cannot thank you enough, you are amazing, all of you! xx