SUSIE.SEP13Hey… there looking at my picture….Yes you….Fancy adopting me and letting me going back to yours?!!. I am 2-3 years old and have lived quite happily in a multi cat home. To add to that I have rubbed along quite well with some tiny humans too! I’m not a ratty cat at all and just love to be loved. The only reason I have had to come to Oldham Cats is because my owners have split up. Finances and new accommodation don’t allow any of us to be part of the changes unfortunately. I’m doing fine so far here but would prefer to be all snug in your home….How about it then? Please call down to meet me at the rescue during opening hours and we can ‘discuss things’ ! otherwise, why not ring the rescue for further information on 0161 653 6530. Thanks for now, and I hope to meet you soon, Susie. X