WHOOPSY.SEP13Aww poor Mama Whoopsy. She has returned back to the rescue after being in foster care with Aunty Davina and Uncle Darren whilst she gave birth and played mum to her brood. She was an amazing mummy to her five babies…also accepting and caring for an additional surrogate baby who needed her help. Aunty Davina and Uncle Darren have given her the most fantastic care…as usual! Whoopsy’s milk is drying out now and she is booked for neuter snd 1st vaccine on friday 27th September. She is an extremely loving girl who returns affection and love given to her tenfold. She is 12-18 months old and is a must for anyone wanting a cat who has oodles of affection and purrrssss. She so rightly deserves that special someone or family to provide her with a loving forever home. She is an incredibly loving and affectionate girl who would make a loyal companion and a great family pet. Let’s hope that special someone finds Whoopsy soon. Please call our rescue for further information or pop down to see her for yourself during our opening hours….we promise you WILL NOT be disappointed!. Our number is 0161 653 6530. Thank you.