A very sad goodbye to our lovely resident Twirl


Unfortunately on the 10th October 2013 we had to let our lovely resident Twirl pass over Rainbow Bridge. Twirl came into the rescue in July 2011 and became a resident soon afterwards as no-one showed an interest in adopting her. We knew our little lady wasn’t feeling too good so she was taken to the vets for a blood test which came back inconclusive. We knew Twirl needed dental work and the vet recommended that we go ahead with the procedure. Twirl was taken to the vet for the dental procedure on the 10th October and once she was anaesthetised, it was discovered that she had 2 large ulcerated masses inside her throat right at the back. The vet phoned The Rescue to inform us that Twirl’s condition was untreatable so it was decided by the trustees that it would be kinder not to wake Twirl up and to let her go peacefully to sleep. R.I.P. little Whirly Woo xxx Debs.