ALFIE and ZOE (she’s the all black semi-long haired)

Zoe (with Alfie).oct.13Zoe (and Alfie)Please get ready for this pair…they are a real Tom and Jerry outfit!!!! They were brought to us just over a week ago after their owner was unable to keep her cats anymore. They have been used to other cats and young children. They should have been called double trouble 🙂 Zoe is 12 months old and neutered, whereas Alfie is 7 months old. He has recently been neutered and had his 1st vaccination. They are in real need of somewhere to stretch their legs and exercise. Somewhere where they are able to do what they do best…cause chaos in the most wonderful way. If you are in need of that extra crash, bang, wallop in your home then please call the rescue during opening times on 0161 6536530. Thankyou x