Good news for the Grumblweeds!!!
Topsy and Tim now await a forever home…:)
Well, after months of worry, hard labour and love I’m so pleased to share the amazing news that the Grumbleweeds today have had veterinary clearance and are now ready to be rehomed!!! Dora bless has found herself a wonderful home with a very caring family and she will embark on her new lifetime adventure after neutering next week.
Topsy and Tim still await a forever home and they will need to be reho…med together. They’re both incredibly loving and affectionate but are still very shy little furbabies who depend heavily upon one another.
Is there anyone out there who is genuinely interested, or knows someone interested in providing a VERY loving home for these two special 6month old furbabies?
This fostering experience for me  has been a long haul in terms of the heartache, cost, care and the commitment me and my family have put into this litter…But I certainly don’t regret the day I took on the Grumbleweeds…and I would do it all over again if asked. This litter certainly wouldn’t have pulled through without being fostered and they wouldn’t be in the amazing state of health they are now…This is what we’re all about.   I’ve spent hours daily with them since November and have watched them blossom and flourish, from feral and filthy, into beautiful loving kittens…I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve had sleepless nights…but just look at what they’ve become, I’m so proud of them.They’ve certainly overcome a journey with their mummy Daisy (Known as Blacky). Daisy is happily now  loving her new home.
This is the hard part for me now: letting go but praying Topsy and Tim don’t have to wait too long for that special someone…as they are desperate for a loving home.

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I just want to thank you all again for supporting the ‘Grumblweeds’ through and through. They are certainly a litter I will cherish many fond memories of, and I’m sure they’ll be remembered by many of you also.
Please, please if anyone is in interested in adopting Topsy and Tim, feel free to inbox me or contact Faye Kennerley our Manager at the Rescue on 01616536530. I’m really hoping to avoid these little ones the added stress of being confined to a cage at the Rescue after having spent their first few months in a loving home environment with us. They truly are so special!!! :)xxx