Just please spare a very heart rendering minute for Angel. Firstly she only has 3 legs, her front left leg had previously been amputated whilst with her owner. She is roughly 7 years old and unfortunately was not wanted anymore. The rescue (so we are told) refused to take her back and said they would put her to sleep because of having only 3 legs. If this is true then it’s a very unfair comment to make or indeed a practice that our rescue would never do unless under a vet recommendation. What we discovered after her arrival is that she had the onset of skin cancer to the tips of her ears. Cats with white ears are susceptible to this and had sunblock been applied on a regular basis then she may well have not had to go through an operation to ‘tip’ them. She also had to undergo a dental, luckily only 2 teeth were removed. This miraculous lady has gone through the mill a bit to say the least… Surely we owe her a very loving home as an indoor/protected outdoor home setting. Please call us at the rescue if you could offer a SECURE and safe home, moreso a very loving one. Thank you, Faye.