Meet our stunning Molly,SAMSUNG CSC

Molly arrived at the Rescue on 5.7.14  and has been fed as a stray by the gentleman who brought her in…. for some time, so it seems.  Unfortunately, he was unable to keep her. This picture truly doesn’t show Molly any justice whatsoever! She is a dark semi-long haired tortie…she is just beautiful! Molly isn’t too happy confined to her cage  and is quite nervous at the moment  (This is understandable). Our volunteers are investing  our love and care into her wholeheartedly …Bless her, she’s just frightened and needs lots of TLC. This beautiful girl desperately seeks that  special someone to provide her the love and care she deserves: preferably a quiet household. If you’re interested in adopting Molly please do pay this beautiful (no, stunning)  girl a visit…. or contact the Cattery on 0161 653 6530.

She is simply beautiful and just needs lots of love.

Thank you