Meet our adorable Honey who would like to share a few words:

“Honey….I’m here!!!! After my arrival on 18th November I have made myself pretty comfortable. At first I went into foster at Aunty Faye’s as my litter had been taken there the day before…

Neither they needed me nor me them and it was decided I should move up a notch and move in ‘temporarily’ to the Rescue. My milk is drying up very quickly and I am scheduled to be spayed and vaccinated on Wednesday 26th November. I can be seen beforehand at the Rescue….I’ll be the one sitting pretty and quite enjoying my time in a warm comfy bed. If you could have seen the squalor I was ‘living’ in, you will understand why….plus, I even braved it at Faye’s, and that’s saying something!

Anyhow, I’m about a year old and in need of an additional few pounds to my svelte figure…bringing up five fur babies has taken its toll on me and now I need a bit of ME time!

Call in and we can negotiate my moving in date with you….I’m not moving from my bed until Crown House Vets have worked their magic on me!!!”

Please do visit this beautiful girl at the Rescue if you are interested in adopting her. I promise you, you won’t leave empty handed!

Thank you, Davina