Meet our stunning Molly…

A few words from our 7 year old beautiful girl:

“I only have half a tail but I am compensated by having an extremely loud purrrr. I’ve recently had a dental and am just finishing off my anti-inflammatory medication. This doesn’t affect me being homed.

I just come with a few ground rules:

During my time at the rescue I had been reserved but unfortunately it was discovered during my stay, I had developed Upper Respiratory Tract Infection along with a very fast heart rhythm (Tachycardic), which the vet was extremely concerned over. However on my most recent visit this had become much more within normal range and our vet felt happy to let me become available for adoption.

It will mean that I need to be homed to a QUIET home setting where there are no other animals or stresses. It is stress that can lead to me going off my food and bringing on more obvious signs of upper respiratory infection. The boring stuff over with….

I am an extremely loving and very capable companion who is just in adoration of any human loving contact. I rarely make a fuss about my food….have had the odd fetish for the odd can of tuna and have been commended for my clean toilet regime. I ask for only, food, love, warmth and care….however that is proportioned is entirely up to you. Please give me another chance to prove myself. Thank you with all my paws, Molly xxx”

Please, if you are interested in adopting this amazing girl…or know of someone who would meet the right criteria, do enquire at the Rescue on 0161 653 6530 or indeed pay Molly a visit in person. Thank you, Davina