Many known to Oldham Cats have become familiar with our beautiful and much loved resident Ruby Roo. Ruby Roo arrived to us in May of this year, sadly her owners moved away and left her behind, all alone. It was a concerned neighbour who brought her to the Rescue. Ruby Roo is now approximately 2 years of age…Sadly and amazingly no one showed an interest in our beautiful girl at the time of adoption, she subsequently then became one of our much loved residents of Oldham Cats.

Ruby Roo still desperately seeks a loving home…As volunteers, we bring our cats needs first. As cherished and loved as our Ruby Roo is as our resident…There is a great deal of potential for her to be welcomed into a loving home. She is young, healthy, affectionate, and sociable with other cats. As volunteers, this is not us turning our back on our beloved Ruby Roo, on the contrary, prior to these harsh forthcoming winter months, we would love nothing more than to see our beautiful girl rehomed in a loving home environment, which to be honest, is what she deserves. She truly is a beautiful girl. I would love nothing more than for our Ruby Roo to have a loving home for Christmas, as much as we will all miss her.

Please, if you are interested in adopting our beautiful girl…or know of someone who would meet the right criteria, do enquire at the Rescue on 0161 653 6530 or indeed pay Ruby Roo a visit in person. She is beautiful!

Thank you, Davina