Meet this stunning boy who arrived at the Rescue on 03.11.15, along with Coal, whom we think is his father. (Coal will be featured soon). Sadly, due to poor health, their previous owner was unable to care for these two beauties.
Lucky is approximately 8-12 months of age and is awaiting neutering. He can however be reserved in the meantime. Lucky, bless him, seems a little apprehensive at the moment as a Rescue environment is very new to him. His little growls pose no threat whatsoever though…He was more content to be stroked and made a fuss of today. This stunning boy is desperate for a new start in life with a family who will provide him unconditional love.
Please do come and visit Lucky at the Rescue if you are interested in adopting him. Lucky is yet another ‘little heart-breaker’…so be prepared to fall in love!
Let’s see if our Lucky can live up to his name and find a new loving home very soon,

Thank you