Oldham Cats was founded in 1995 by the joining of two cat rescue groups in the Oldham area.  We became a registered charity on 11th October 1996 (no: 1058621).  At this time we were operating from the home of one of our volunteers, but this was not ideal for either us or the cats so we began to search for suitable premises.

In February 1997 the RSPCA in Oldham had closed down due to lack of funds so we rented the cattery from them. In August 1998 the RSPCA had raised enough money to move back in, so we started once more to search for suitable premises.

A supporter of Oldham Cats knew of a building that had been a boarding cattery until the owner had died, so we contacted the landlord and were allowed to rent the building for our rescue. Work began on our new building; tidying, painting, wiring, plumbing and much more needed to be done. Oldham Cats moved to Middleton on August Bank Holiday weekend 1998.

Our new cattery is ideal and, even though we pay a nominal rent, we have been allowed to overflow into most of our kind landlord’s garden. Since moving in we have adapted the room next to the cattery into a kitten room, added three outside catteries, all with heated rooms,  and large outside runs where groups of cats can live happily.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, Oldham Cats goes from strength to strength, and we’re able to help more cats every year.