This is Missy.She was found as a stray and is approx 5-6 years old. She is a lovely cat but does not like to be picked up much but comes to you on her own terms. She likes to sit on knees though. She has been very sweet today and has actually allowed us to pick her up, as she escaped from her cage. She would be best suited to a home with no other pets and would like a home of her ‘own’ which she would be willing to share with you if you could possibly take it into your hearts to think about letting her give you a piece of her heart in return.
If you would like more info on Missy, please ring the rescue on 0161 6536530 or pay her a visit. 



This cute little girl is called Mallen. She looks a little disheveled at present as she has been living as a stray. She is very cheeky and was ‘breaking in’ to a ladies house via their cat flap and chasing her cats out of the house..! She is a pretty girl and once ‘tidied up’ a little she will be beautiful..! She is very sweet and playful and loves a treat of Dreamies too. We don’t recommend her with children or other pets but we think she would make an ideal pet in a child free environment. 
If anyone could open their home to this lovely little girl, then please ring the rescue on 0161 6536530 or call in and pay her a visit.

DSC02432 DSC02433


Meet Mick!
Mick is a gorgeous ginger & white male who arrived with us on the 19th Feb after being a stray. He has been checked for and I.D chip but sadly doesn’t have one. We have had him neutered and he is all ready for re-homing now. Mick is just a lovely boy.. the gentleman who was feeding him said he would have liked to keep him but sadly his own cats were bullying poor Mick. This beautiful boy wants nothing more than an owner to fuss over him and give him love. Mick can purr for England and would make an ideal family pet. If you would like more info please ring the rescue on 0161 6536530 or pop in and visit this handsome boy… you will be hard put to leave without him …!

Kitten (one of ‘The Fugitives’.

This cute little guy hasn’t got a name yet. He came in with his brother (now re homed) and together they were nicknamed ‘The Fugitives’ as they were a pair of strays. Hard to believe as they were only aprox 15-16 weeks old when they arrived. This little guy is just adorable and SO friendly..! He really needs a home of his own now though and would make someones life very happy. Just look at that face.. you can see the love and playfulness in those eyes..!

If you think this gorgeous little kitten would fit into your home and your lives, then please contact the rescue on 0161 6536530 or pop in and pay him a visit. He will love meeting you.. !

Thanks Sue  Fugitive

Ella & Ellie


These two adorable little beauties were dumped at the Rescue this week. Who could do this to these little babies, I don’t know..! They are only approx 16 weeks old and very  ‘bonded’.  As a result we are asking that they be re-homed together as we couldn’t face separating them as they would ‘pine’ for each other. They wash each other and sit together all the time. They are just so sweet..! For more details please contact the rescue on 0161 6536530 or call in and visit them in person.

Thanks Sue
Ella & Ellie



Celeste is a very pretty young lady as you can see from her photo.She was a stray in the Moston area prior to coming to Oldham Cats, she also had three kittens with her. Sadly, she also had ringworm which is a fungal infection. It has taken some time, and a long stay in our isolation unit but now, thankfully this little girl is now almost ready for her new home. She needs to be neutered yet and is booked in for the 29th October but she can be reserved in the mean time. Celeste is only a ‘baby’ around 12 months old and is a total sweetheart! She would make an ideal pet and companion for most homes.

If you would like more details please ring the rescue on 0161 653650 or simply call in and pay her a visit. She wont disappoint you!

Thanks Sue


Look how handsome this little guy is…! Hard to believe he was a stray isn’t it? Ginger around 3 years old and  is so friendly, sweet natured also playful. He would make an ideal family pet, or a companion to anyone. Ginger isn’t available for adoption just yet had an I.D chip and we are awaiting to see if we can find his home. If not claimed he will be available for adoption on the 22nd October and he is a cat well worth the extra wait.

If you are interest in this cutie please ring the Rescue on 0161 6536530  for more info or simply pop in and pay him a visit… he is waiting to meet you..!

Thanks Sue x



Meet Polly who arrived at the Rescue on 13/10/14. She had been a stray on an industrial site along with her baby. Polly is only around 12 months old and very sweet.

Polly is a ‘polydactyl’ cat, which is a congenital  ‘deformity’ which means she has extra toes on each foot. This is not a problem and cats get along very well with it. Just be careful not to let the claws get too long

If you feel you that you would like this little ‘twinkle toes’ in your home, please feel free to call in and visit this adorable little girl or phone the Rescue on 0161 6536530 and ask for more details.

Thanks Sue x



This is Jessie. An 18 month old girl who arrived at the Rescue on 27th July after being found in a garden behind a wheelie bin..! She was very hungry. Neighbours thought she had been clipped by a car but there are no signs of injury.

Jessie is a lovely natured girl who is booked to be neutered on the 5th August. She can be reserved if some kind person were to fall in love with her though. (which is not difficult!)

If you would like to meet this beautiful girl, then please feel free to pop in and visit her. Or for more information, ring the Rescue on 01616536530.

Thank you, Sue x


DSC08509Meet Flora, a lovely flower of a girl ! She arrived at Oldham Cats on 31st July from Crown House Vets in Rochdale. She had kittens when they first got her but they have since been found homes.  Flora is a gentle and very friendly young lady, easy to handle and with the most amazing eyes..! ( not that she is showing them off very well in the photograph!) Flora would make an ideal family pet if someone would just give her the chance.  If you think you would like to give this lovely girl a good and loving home and a new chance at life…. please contact the Cattery on 0161 3653650 or call in and pay this beautiful girl a visit.

Thanks, Sue x

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