This is Missy.She was found as a stray and is approx 5-6 years old. She is a lovely cat but does not like to be picked up much but comes to you on her own terms. She likes to sit on knees though. She has been very sweet today and has actually allowed us to pick her up, as she escaped from her cage. She would be best suited to a home with no other pets and would like a home of her ‘own’ which she would be willing to share with you if you could possibly take it into your hearts to think about letting her give you a piece of her heart in return.
If you would like more info on Missy, please ring the rescue on 0161 6536530 or pay her a visit. 



This cute little girl is called Mallen. She looks a little disheveled at present as she has been living as a stray. She is very cheeky and was ‘breaking in’ to a ladies house via their cat flap and chasing her cats out of the house..! She is a pretty girl and once ‘tidied up’ a little she will be beautiful..! She is very sweet and playful and loves a treat of Dreamies too. We don’t recommend her with children or other pets but we think she would make an ideal pet in a child free environment. 
If anyone could open their home to this lovely little girl, then please ring the rescue on 0161 6536530 or call in and pay her a visit.

DSC02432 DSC02433


Meet Mick!
Mick is a gorgeous ginger & white male who arrived with us on the 19th Feb after being a stray. He has been checked for and I.D chip but sadly doesn’t have one. We have had him neutered and he is all ready for re-homing now. Mick is just a lovely boy.. the gentleman who was feeding him said he would have liked to keep him but sadly his own cats were bullying poor Mick. This beautiful boy wants nothing more than an owner to fuss over him and give him love. Mick can purr for England and would make an ideal family pet. If you would like more info please ring the rescue on 0161 6536530 or pop in and visit this handsome boy… you will be hard put to leave without him …!


Meet this stunning boy who arrived at the Rescue on 03.11.15, along with Coal, whom we think is his father. (Coal will be featured soon). Sadly, due to poor health, their previous owner was unable to care for these two beauties.
Lucky is approximately 8-12 months of age and is awaiting neutering. He can however be reserved in the meantime. Lucky, bless him, seems a little apprehensive at the moment as a Rescue environment is very new to him. His little growls pose no threat whatsoever though…He was more content to be stroked and made a fuss of today. This stunning boy is desperate for a new start in life with a family who will provide him unconditional love.
Please do come and visit Lucky at the Rescue if you are interested in adopting him. Lucky is yet another ‘little heart-breaker’…so be prepared to fall in love!
Let’s see if our Lucky can live up to his name and find a new loving home very soon,

Thank you



Meet our adorable Honey who would like to share a few words:

“Honey….I’m here!!!! After my arrival on 18th November I have made myself pretty comfortable. At first I went into foster at Aunty Faye’s as my litter had been taken there the day before…

Neither they needed me nor me them and it was decided I should move up a notch and move in ‘temporarily’ to the Rescue. My milk is drying up very quickly and I am scheduled to be spayed and vaccinated on Wednesday 26th November. I can be seen beforehand at the Rescue….I’ll be the one sitting pretty and quite enjoying my time in a warm comfy bed. If you could have seen the squalor I was ‘living’ in, you will understand why….plus, I even braved it at Faye’s, and that’s saying something!

Anyhow, I’m about a year old and in need of an additional few pounds to my svelte figure…bringing up five fur babies has taken its toll on me and now I need a bit of ME time!

Call in and we can negotiate my moving in date with you….I’m not moving from my bed until Crown House Vets have worked their magic on me!!!”

Please do visit this beautiful girl at the Rescue if you are interested in adopting her. I promise you, you won’t leave empty handed!

Thank you, Davina



Meet our ‘Big Boy Buster’!

This stunning and very affectionate boy has a few words to share with you:

“I arrived at the Rescue on the 19th November after being a stray in the Blackley area for 5-6 weeks. The people feeding me had a Jack Russell who wanted to have a taste of me! I’ve had enough battles in my time thank you very much….you might have seen me on other lost and found websites but nobody has come forward to say I am theirs….. I’m a VERY, VERY  loveable rogue…Irish I’m not, loving I am.”

Please do pay our handsome boy a visit at the Rescue if you are interesting in adopting him. You will simply just fall in love with him.

Thank you, Davina



Meet our stunning Molly…

A few words from our 7 year old beautiful girl:

“I only have half a tail but I am compensated by having an extremely loud purrrr. I’ve recently had a dental and am just finishing off my anti-inflammatory medication. This doesn’t affect me being homed.

I just come with a few ground rules:

During my time at the rescue I had been reserved but unfortunately it was discovered during my stay, I had developed Upper Respiratory Tract Infection along with a very fast heart rhythm (Tachycardic), which the vet was extremely concerned over. However on my most recent visit this had become much more within normal range and our vet felt happy to let me become available for adoption.

It will mean that I need to be homed to a QUIET home setting where there are no other animals or stresses. It is stress that can lead to me going off my food and bringing on more obvious signs of upper respiratory infection. The boring stuff over with….

I am an extremely loving and very capable companion who is just in adoration of any human loving contact. I rarely make a fuss about my food….have had the odd fetish for the odd can of tuna and have been commended for my clean toilet regime. I ask for only, food, love, warmth and care….however that is proportioned is entirely up to you. Please give me another chance to prove myself. Thank you with all my paws, Molly xxx”

Please, if you are interested in adopting this amazing girl…or know of someone who would meet the right criteria, do enquire at the Rescue on 0161 653 6530 or indeed pay Molly a visit in person. Thank you, Davina



Our beautiful Harriet arrived to us on 13.11.14, via our vets Crown House Vets in Rochdale as a stray. She initially had an abscess to her head which is healing nicely following treatment. What a beauty this girl is! She just loves lots of fuss and attention. Harriet is approximately 12-18 months of age and is neutered. As you can see she is just simply stunning!!! Please, if you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl…or know of someone who would meet the right criteria, do enquire at the Rescue on 0161 653 6530 or indeed pay Harriet a visit in person. She has oodles of love to offer!!!

Thank you, Davina



Our stunning Jessie arrived to us on 10.11.14. She is approximately 3-4 years of age and is neutered. Jessie unfortunately is non-tolerant of other cats, therefore she needs to be rehomed in a non multi pet home. She has lived in a multi cat household and her previous owners have had to endure the heartache of rehoming her…putting Jessie’s interests first. She simply didn’t get along with the others. Jessie simply wants you all to herself. She is a beautiful girl, who apparently still ‘suckles’ you for her own comfort. She IS very loving and affectionate indeed.

Please, if you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl…or know of someone who would meet the right criteria, do enquire at the Rescue on 0161 653 6530 or indeed pay Jessie a visit in person. She’s simply just stunning!

Thank you, Davina



Meet the beautiful duo Abigail and Tabetha. These two stunning sisters arrived at the Rescue on 8.11.14 after being fed as strays. Both females are approximately 10 months of age, friendly and very gentle natured. I apologise as I’ve only taken pictures of Tabetha due to having a full memory card. Abigail however is very similar in appearance and is as equally beautiful.

They are not yet neutered but can certainly be reserved in the meantime. If you are interested in adopting Abigail or Tabetha please do enquire at the Rescue on 0161 653 6530 or indeed pay them a visit in person. They are stunning! Thank you, Davina


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