Sugar arrived at our rescue on 17th June after her owner had passed away. A good person took her on as she had a litter of fluffies! They have since been rehomed and we were waiting for Sugar’s milk to dry up. That has now gone and Sugar is booked for spaying next Tuesday. She could be reserved in advance of that day. She is just around 12 months old and has a soft temperament. For more information either call into the rescue or ring us on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye

PADDY we are so proud to say that Paddy has her new home…HOORAY!

 Paddy was brought to us after her elderly owner passed away. She had no family to mention and had looked after cats all her life.  Paddy is a 6-year-old tabby and white  female, named after being born on St.Patricks Day. She needed a dental not long after she arrived which has now made her  toothless. She is a little shy lady as her owner rarely had any company in the home. Paddy has come out of her shell quite a bit now and is looking for a tranquil home to spread her wings..or fur as it may be!….If you can help please call the rescue on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye. Paddy has really come out of her shell now and loving be out and about.


This is 6-year-old Simba. He is a rather big boy who came to the rescue on the 15th June. He was being fed as a stray since December 2011. The man who had been feeding him was worried for his welfare as he was due to travel abroad this week for more than a month. We took him in and scanned him to find a microchip. The details we obtained led us to an old property that he used to live at. With the powers that be we located his former owner who says she gave him up for adoption some years ago. She relinquished all responsibility for him  and was told he had a new owner. We have failed to locate that person and now after nearly a week  we are now able to offer Simba up for adoption. His former owner says he was a lovely lad  until he launched onto her Daughter whilst she was in bed one night. It scared her somewhat and so he was given up for adoption. A few years have passed and we are pretty sure his character has changed. He has not caused any of our volunteers any concerns and feel he is capable to be homed to the majority of family settings. Considering what we were told we best ask for homes that do not have very young children or babies. For more information please call the rescue on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.

COOKIE – She’s got a permanent home 2nd time lucky!

HOORAY……..Cookie has a permanent home……good luck and I am glad it’s been a short stay! xx Love from us all at the rescue xx

Poor Cookie. Arrived back at the rescue on Friday 15th June. We were told that she had been toileting around the house. On speaking with other volunteers and her foster carer, Cookie had never blotted her copy book either in a home setting or in a cage at the rescue. We can only put this down to stress and we are sure that in another home she will be the perfect princess. She is around 12-18 months old and now neutered. Cookie is one of our Mums from this year who had 6 beautiful feline followers. Cookie has an extremely likeable character. I don’t think she will be back with us for any great length of time. Call our rescue for more information on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.


ALEECE – NOW Rehomed

One of this year’s Mums and formerly called Dizzy Doris (not by us I hasten to add), Aleece came to our rescue early April. We think she is an extra special Mum for one particular reason. Even after giving birth to 4 of her own little ones, she also became a surrogate Mum to 3 other kittens whose Mum sadly was not able to care for them. Aleece has been extra loving not just to all 8 babies but to her “Foster Feeder” Faye! Always ready for another bowl of delicious food (and the sneaky extra treats!), Aleece became very friendly. She is around 12-18 months old and has a wonderful disposition. She didn’t seem to be phased by other cats whilst on foster….the odd escape from the room proved this, although she did give one of the dogs a run for its money! Aleece is now in the main cattery waiting for her milk to dry back so that she can be neutered and have her 1st vaccination. If you would like to take on this chatty furry girl then please contact the rescue on 0161 653 6530 for further information.


Just look at the beautiful girl, Chloe. She is about 7 years old and was brought to the rescue on 19th May. She has only ever been an indoor cat. She came to us after her owner had passed away. She must go to a home with NO OTHER CATS. She is long-haired so will need regular grooming. Call into the rescue to see her for yourself or ring for information on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.

Update 16th June 2012: After being in a cage for so long we have let Chloe out of her cage. She is still within the rescue grounds and is temporary a resident as I am sure someone will snap her up very soon!


Awwwwww. What a beautiful lady our Mo is. She is about 8-9 years old but we are unsure as she came to us after her owner went into care. She has been used to living indoors mainly. Also her home was a fairly quiet one. Mo would be best suited to a similar setting as she doesn’t ask for much other than that. Maybe if there were older children and possibly no other animals would be ideal. Please call the rescue for any further information on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye

Update 16th June 2012: Mo, now called Mimosa has been homed to one of our volunteers. She has settled well into family life with the other felines and is loving sunbathing on the windowsill. Enjoy your life Mimosa. xxx


Hi, my name is Huxley and I came to the rescue in June 2012 at around 18 months -2 years old. I was left behind by my owner when they decided to move out. A kind neighbour helped me and brought me to the rescue. My carers here had me neutered and fully vaccinated. I do like to be stroked but I will soon get my point across to you when enough is enough! I enjoy being around humans and one family did adopt me but it turned out they thought I was a little too frisky for their children. Nothing wrong with a bit of frisky I say! No-one else came along so I now live as a permanent resident here. It’s a great life, especially because I love cars. It took me a while to work out there was a garage down the lane but once I did there was no stopping me. The men in the garage are fine about me being there, they made a bed for me, feed me, and best of all, let me sit in cars, my favourite pastime! You’ll often find me hanging around the lane ready to say hello to all the visitors and volunteers. It’s a good life and even though I’d have liked to have a home, I can’t complain, all my needs are met thanks to my carers. Love Huxley xx



Gary has successfully been rehomed on Monday 18th June 2012. Good luck big man! xxx

Gary came to us on Tuesday 15th May with pal Oscar (now a resident). Their owner has reluctantly signed them over to us after being made redundant. He is 18 months old and already neutered. One of our volunteers has nicknamed him “Gaz man” because he is so laid back!!! He is a friendly boy who keeps being overlooked. For more information please call into the rescue or call us on 0161 653 6530.



Update 16th June 2012. Bobby has successfully been rehomed……that’s what you get for becoming a temporary resident…Bobby left saying “Patience was a virtue”. have a great life Bobby. xxx

 Bobby has now become a resident after being in a cage for over 4 weeks…We are trying really hard to find him a home quickly as he is giving the other residents a hard time. He has ruffled quite a few bundles of fur over the past 2 weeks, so if anyone out there wants to adopt a cat with a bit of spark then Bobby is your man!

Bobby was brought to us mid April from an elderly lady who had been feeding him for years. She has poor health and although she wanted him back initially after his arrival, she now realises that her health must take precedence. We have had Bobby neutered and on 9th May he will have his 2nd vaccination. He is about 6 years old and sports a lovely “onion” head. This is the shape entire males usually get through scar tissue build up after years of fighting. He is timid fellow and would suit a quiet home similar to the one the lady lived in who fed him. Also it would be nice if he were the only cat. Please ring the rescue or pop in and meet this soft soldier. Thank you, Faye.

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