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A very sad goodbye to our lovely resident Twirl


Unfortunately on the 10th October 2013 we had to let our lovely resident Twirl pass over Rainbow Bridge. Twirl came into the rescue in July 2011 and became a resident soon afterwards as no-one showed an interest in adopting her. We knew our little lady wasn’t feeling too good so she was taken to the vets for a blood test which came back inconclusive. We knew Twirl needed dental work and the vet recommended that we go ahead with the procedure. Twirl was taken to the vet for the dental procedure on the 10th October and once she was anaesthetised, it was discovered that she had 2 large ulcerated masses inside her throat right at the back. The vet phoned The Rescue to inform us that Twirl’s condition was untreatable so it was decided by the trustees that it would be kinder not to wake Twirl up and to let her go peacefully to sleep. R.I.P. little Whirly Woo xxx Debs.

PLEASE collect coupons for us! – Manchester Evening News Wish Campaign

wishPLEASE SEND ALL YOUR COLLECTED MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS WISH TOKENS TO US NOW. WE ARE READY & WAITING FOR THEM! THE MORE WE GET THE BIGGER OUR SHARE OF THE MONEY AVAILABLE WE GET! The Manchester Evening News Wish campaign is back on. We have been chosen as one of the charities again and would love to beat last years record. Patsy, one of our wonderful volunteers, is at the ready with her pritt stick to tape down all the vouchers and count them… so PLEASE send them to us!! Last year you helped us collect an amazing 13,855 tokens! Several worn out pritt sticks later we got £334.22 which was totally fantastic! Thank you so much from all of us at Oldham Cats xx

Amazon Wish List

We now have an Amazon Wish List which is kept regularly up to date with the things we desperately need for the rescue. It’s made a huge difference, and everything that’s been donated so far has saved our pennies for other things such as our vet bills and rent. If you want to support us by buying us any of the things on the wish list you can either shop via the list. Everything is sent direct to Oldham Cats when you order from it so, no hassles, just money spending and helping us. How good is that?! Or, you can buy the same things in shops and drop it off to us. Either way is brilliant. A huge thankyou to everyone who has bought us things so far. Long may it continue xx UPDATE: As at 15th September 2013 people have bought us £540 worth of goods via the Amazon Wish List and it’s only been going a few months! We estimate that with goods bought locally and brought to us by people checking what we need on the Wish List first, the total value of donations so far exceeds £750!! We are absolutely overwhelmed by the huge level of generosity. Thankyou xx

BELLA – a sad goodbye to one of our lovely residents.


Sadly, on Friday 23rd August 2013, one of our nighttime volunteers discovered that Bella had died.  It looks like she had taken her final steps down the lane and was found by our volunteer as she was driving out at the end of “bedding down” service. We are unsure of exactly what had happened but Bella will be laid to rest and a memorial disk will be placed for her in our Garden of Remembrance located within the rescue grounds. R.I.P. our gentle feline. xxxxx Your wounds will heal at Rainbow Bridge. xxxxxxx From all your friends. xxxxxx

Bella was one of our  older ladies who arrived week commencing 1st July 2013. She had been fed as a stray ….another one.  Unfortunately she had no I.D. chip so her owners could not be located. She was such a gentle girl who enjoyed being stroked and fussed over.  She wasn’t with us long but we will never forget her.


As of 1st January 2013, there will be increases to our adoption fees. It was discussed at this years A.G.M. and was agreed that the increase would commence at the beginning of 2013. The increases are due to rising costs incurred which keep the running of the cattery at it’s best. We have not had an increase in adoption fees for quite a number of years. The adoption fees will run as follows;

KITTENS (under 6 months/ neuter at adopters own vet – proof still required of procedure) – £25.00

KITTENS (under 6 months/neuter at Crown House Vets Rochdale when they reach 6 months of age) – £40.00

ADULT NEUTERED (no vaccinations) – £40.00




Another Sad loss – our resident Aurora

Another sad week at the rescue. We had to have one of our dear old residents put to sleep this week, our 15-year-old Aurora. She had, over recent months, taken more of a back seat and tended to rest more than exercise. We noticed that her mobility had depleted and decided we should get her checked out by our vets. First of all we tried anti-inflammatry medication – in her food as Aurora was not the easiest to handle be any means. That was just the way she was and we loved her no matter what.   They didn’t work so we took her back for sedation, blood tests and x-rays which confirmed she had some arthritis but her bloods were inconclusive and none of her organs were too bad for her age. Sadly that meant we couldn’t rule out anything going on in her brain. She also had virtually no sight any more. We only had her back for one night and volunteers found her in the morning lying in her own mess on the office floor – she hadn’t been able to find her bed.  She was in such a sorry state. When she got to the vets they said it was more likely to have been a brain tumour and that it had progressed at some speed.  We took the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep.  We are saddened by yet another loss and hope she has found peace (and a comfy bed) at Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace our dearest Aurora. xxx

A sad goodbye to resident cat Honda.

OnOn 30th October 2012 we had to bid a sad goodbye to a longstanding resident of the rescue, our dear old boy Honda. He had become less of a visitor to the rescue and spent most of his time with Pat, our Secretary who lives next to the site. Years of living outside before he came to us had made Honda’s mind up that he wanted to experience his creature comforts indoors like any elder cat would do. Why he didn’t want this initially in the early days at the rescue we don’t know but in these last few years he had been given service by Pat that only royalty would appreciate! She has pampered him so much and he repaid her with love, love, love. Furry cuddles and purrs have been his way of repaying Pat and some of us volunteers when he allowed us to be his servants!. In recent years he had to undergo surgery for ear cancer and some other lumps found on his body during his many visits to the vets. Then, towards the end his ear cancer  returned and his weight had dropped a little.  Blood test results at the vets showed was severely anaemic and too weak to go under a general anaesthetic to treat his ear cancer. There was a chance we could have brought him home to spend what time he may have had left with us but we were all concerned it would be less rather than more. It was by no means an easy decision for anyone to make who knew him but Honda was put to sleep, we couldn’t let him carry on suffering.  No matter how hard we want to save the world, sometimes you just have to let go and appreciate the quality that something so small has give you.  Honda gave so much pleasure and joy and many tears were shed at the end of his life. May he rest in peace and be looking over us with his furry knots….R.I.P. old boy, you were an inspiration to us all. xxxx

Here is his profile that used to be on the residents page of our website.

My name is Honda and I am approximately 10 – 12 years old.  I have lived at the rescue for many years now and I love it!  It’s so much better than my previous life of being a stray. I get to come and go as I please and tasty food is always at the ready waiting for me to devour!!   Just look at how handsome I am!   I’m not one for mixing with the other cats so if you visit the rescue,  look up and you will normally find me sat on top of the gazebo lovingly gazing down at you. I might look a bit of a fluff ball sometimes but with me being an ‘outdoor kind of cat’ I’m not into all this grooming –  and complain mightily if anyone tries to beautify me!!  Recently I had to have another operation, I had cancer on my ears and to stop it spreading to my head I had to have my ears trimmed.  I’m ok now though as I’m all healed up but the volunteers have to keep an eye on me.  I love my life here at the rescue and I am so thankful and grateful to everyone who makes it possible for me to live this lovely life with excellent care from the volunteers and life saving veterinary treatment!!