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This page features some of our residents and their stories. Some are still available for adoption it’s just that we don’t like leaving cats in cages for months on end waiting to be chosen, it makes them very unhappy. If you can’t adopt them but want to support us by sponsoring one of our residents PLEASE visit our Sponsorship section. Thankyou xx


Ruby roo
Ruby Roo arrived at the rescue on 5th May. A lady had taken her in last week after noticing she was being kicked about by ‘a grown man’. The lady had poor health or else her actions may well have been much worse towards this undesirable. When I checked Ruby Roo over, it appeared she had a small amount of milk from feeding a litter. Ruby was neutered and as she did not find an adopter, she was allowed to become one of our residents. She’s definitely got character and isn’t phased by some of the big boys in town! She likes nothing more than to mooch about the rescue. Ruby is never in one place for too long! She is still looking for somewhere to call home so if your wanting a very nosey feline, Ruby is your girl.


Yes, this dangerous Brian had got himself into a slot of bother…either with another cat or even a dog. A very severe abscess to his left cheek has left this 2-4 year old displaying a beautiful neck accessory! He has to go back to Crown House Vets this Friday (21st) and if all well then we can schedule his neutering operation. He is not keen on the ‘necklace’, but it has certainly not put him off his food in any way! I would hope that whoever takes him on will allow for his appetite! He was really good at the vets when he was checked over and also when we initially bathed his wound. Will be best suited in a very comfortable home that will give him everything he has missed out on since his owner moved away last October and left him to fend for himself and another cat that he left behind. Pop down and see this little bruiser for yourself. Thank you, Faye.
UPDATE: We let Brian out of his cage after a little recuperation from his op and having his wound flushed and treated. Vets say it was doing well on its own but a long acting antibiotic would help things along..
Unfortunately, nobody took a shine to Brian and we had no choice but to let him out to be a resident. At present he is shirking the limelight but is occasionally seen in the vicinity of the rescue. Hopefully he will make himself known as the weather gets better. rest assured though that Brian will have plenty of food and shelter at any time. Thank you, Faye


Summer fair 220130604-213548.jpg

Hello all, my name is Ginge and I’m a neutered 3-year-old who was spotted living as stray in January 2013.  I’m a fairly big lad with a totally charming manner.  My carers here had hoped my lovely personality would get me an everlasting home very quickly but unfortunately I had a bit of a problem in the ‘cleanliness department’.   They gave me the largest cage but I continued to make a mess of it.  I’d been a stray for so long that it was hard for me to be trained to use a litter tray. My carers tried all sorts of tactics but eventually had to accept it was just not happening.  I really couldn’t get the hang of it. They explained this to anyone interested in adopting me (i.e. that I would need an area indoors where this would be ok until I could be let out) and I nearly got a home in mid June but alas the people never actually came to adopt me. It would have been ideal as well by the sounds of it.   Finally, my carers decided to tell me that my toileting trial was well and truly not going to plan and all their efforts had failed. I wish I could have understood what they wanted but despite trying I couldn’t, so, they let me have my freedom and become a resident.  I was so scared when they took me out of the cage that I cried to get back in it! but they just said “No such luck Ginge!” so I had to venture out. My heart was beating fast, there was a lot to explore and loads of other cats and people around but, overnight I got myself accustomed to life here and managed to understand the pecking order of who’s who here.   There’s been no trouble and I’m happy to say I’m thoroughly enjoying my life as a resident.  No-one was sure sure how Fizz and I would cope with our first summer fair at the rescue in July 2013 but we both loved it! I spent most of the day at one particular stall getting hours of cuddles & strokes in the lap of one of the volunteer stall holders. I thought I’d better earn my keep so I got up onto the stall at one point to ‘give jewellery advice’ to a buyer. They bought the jewellery so I must have done ok eh?! Love Ginge xx





Hi my name is Ickle and I am a rather large tabby lady!.  I am approximately 7 years old and came to the rescue way back in February 2013. Unfortunately the right person did not come along to adopt me so on Monday the 4th April 2013 it was decided by the volunteers that I should be given freedom from my cage and be allowed to live here at the rescue.  The volunteers are wonderful and the scenery is great!  When I met my fellow feline residents not one cross word was said… very welcoming I must say.  One of the volunteers has started calling me Big Mamma! I actually don’t mind as it’s when I get lots of fuss and attention and I love it, I even let one of them groom me and normally I’d refuse.  And I do get given breakfast in bed sometimes! I did hear someone mention diet but I ignored them of course. I’ve taken up residence mainly on the sofa in the office these days so you’ll probably see me if you’re ever at the rescue, I’m the ‘matronly’ looking one curled up on the sofa, love Ickle xx





Hi my name is Pugsy.  I was given my freedom from the main cattery on the 14th February 2011, when I was 3, as I had been in my cage for a month, hoping that some kind soul would adopt me. Alas the right person didn’t come along.  You can’t miss me – I am a big white cat with extremely gorgeous eyes and a very handsome lad even if I do say so myself!  I was very nervous when I was first allowed to roam freely around the grounds. All the other residents hanging around worried me slightly so I took to hiding away and only showed my face when I was hungry.  After careful observation of the humans and my fellow feline kind I realised that no one here is out to harm me and I took to sleeping in front of the fire in the main cattery, its so warm and cosy!  My carers here at the rescue often wonder if I am deaf. Now I can’t tell them if I am or not can I?! – they don’t understand cat language. Sometimes I do respond to noise, other times I don’t, and I quite like the fact it’s left all these humans guessing!  Either way it doesn’t matter if I am deaf or not as I know that I will still receive the excellent love and care from all of the volunteers here at the rescue, but what would help greatly is if some kind soul could sponsor me, to enable me to continue to live this lovely life.  Thank you, love Pugsy x






Hi my name is Toby and I am 6 years old. My friends here at Oldham Cats say that it is only with your help that I get so well looked after – being fed so well and also getting the best treatment from the vets. As some of you might know I have “diabetes” and I must have an injection every morning with something called “insulin”. My carers say I am doing really well and the vet is very happy with me too. Since I have been feeling so fit and well I have been hunting quite a bit. My carers say that I am naughty, as I have all the food I could ever need right here at the rescue, but I just can’t help myself! I go into the fields for a walk and if I see a mouse or a bird looking at me the ‘wrong way’ I just have to put it in its place! I love to chase them and when I catch them I like to share my good fortune by taking it up to my carers. Sometimes I creep up the drive, mouse firmly in mouth and that cheeky little Precious (another resident) will stand in front of me and demand, yes demand!, that I drop it for her. Me being such a gentleman I normally give it to her, but what a blooming cheek don’t you think?

I really love being a resident here at Oldham Cats I get the best of everything and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m still as busy as ever, playing in the fields, although I’ve not noticed as many creatures recently…do you think they’re onto me and hiding?? I’ll have to change my tactics or find a disguise…maybe a change of collar? No doubt my “hawk eyes” will find them soon though! love Toby x





Hi my name is Precious and I am 9 years old and so beautiful! I am known as the super model among the resident cats and like nothing better than spending hours being cuddled and stroked by anyone and everyone. A super model has to keep her coat shiny and all that stroking really helps! My carers here at Oldham Cats say that without your help I would not be able to eat as well as I do or have our nice vet to look after me so well. I arrived at the rescue as a kitten in very poor health, I had cat flu and acid burns on my nose, I nearly didn’t  make it but thanks to the volunteers and excellent veterinary care I pulled through. I lost my tail in an accident a few years ago but am now quite happy with my ‘new look’(I was a bit upset when I lost it at first!). I think it makes me look rather sleek and I need a little help in that direction at the moment, weight loss is always an issue with us ladies! Toby, one of the other residents, is mad keen on hunting and brings back quite a good collection of various creatures. I have become very wise in my older age and sometimes, if I am fancying a bit of ‘fresh’ food but also feeling a bit lazy then I lay in wait for Toby to come up the drive with his latest ‘bounty’ and I ‘relieve’ him of it. As you can tell, I am still a cheeky young lady! But it just makes me very loveable don’t you think?
I am so sweet-natured I like nothing more than a cuddle from all my human friends. I insist that I get the best cuddle ever by sitting on your shoulder and rubbing my head against yours! Just listen to my purr. I am one happy cat!!  I hope to stay here forever, I am adored by many, and it’s so safe for me here as there are no busy roads. Good job really as I have no road sense since I’ve lived here from being a kitten. Love Precious xxx






Hi my name is Maddie and I am 9 years old. My friends here at Oldham Cats tell me that it is with help of people like you that all of us residents are so well looked after and given the best vet treatment when needed.

As you may know, I don’t really visit the main part of the rescue much during the day time when its busy. I am quite a shy girl but I do like to come down for a good “nosey” around when its quiet. There is always plenty of yummy food placed around so I like to pick and choose, a bit like a pick and mix. I like to visit “Auntie Pat”, who lives at the bungalow next door every morning and she always has some yummy food for me too. As does “Auntie Rose” who is always at the rescue first thing in the morning to clean and check on all the cats and kittens who are “staying” here. I don’t really like to go inside houses, I much prefer to live outdoors. My coat has really improved over the years and is very thick and soft which I like. I tend to sleep in the “outhouse” next to the bungalow and its all “kitted out” (no pun intended!) for us with beds and trays and yes more food! Love Maddie xx









Hi my name is Candy and I am 9 years old, I have lived at the rescue for many years now.  My friends here at Oldham Cats say that without your help I could not be fed and looked after as well as I am. I am a bit of a loner really, You can’t beat your own company I say! But, I do like to hang around the bungalow and pop in on Pat from time to time for food treats. Also Rose, who comes in the mornings brings me treats of salmon and tuna and lots of other ‘special’ treats. I think she brings them just for me really, but I do allow Maddie to share as we have been friends for such a long time – and I am always a ‘lady’. We like to have our ‘picnics’ in the garden sometimes.We have a lovely variety of foods and when the sun is shining – and we are feeling like taking it easy  – it’s a wonderful way to pass an afternoon. We don’t really invite any of the other resident cats to our little ‘soirees’ as they always seem quite happy to stay with the volunteers and share their sandwiches. Maddie and I don’t ‘do’ sandwiches we are better than that…! I have seen a lot of cats & their kittens come and go at Oldham Cats in my years here. Sometimes I think it might be nice to share a house with a human or family of them. But I look at my life here- I come and go as I please- wandering into the fileds if the mood takes me – then coming back to the lovely warmth of our ‘outhouse’ to sleep and eat. I say hello to the humans if my mood takes me that way- I give them a wide berth if I don’t feel like ‘chatting’. It’s nice not to have to do things when they want me too and just live for me (and Maddie).I couldn’t be happier!

FIZZ – living as a resident but still available for adoption.

Fizz.13.2. 4-5yrs.stray.kangley.placid

Hello everyone, my name’s Fizz. I arrived at the rescue on 13th February 2013 after living as a stray in the Langley area of Middleton for over 2 weeks. I’ve got a lovely temperament and despite living here as a resident now I’m still hoping someone will come along and give me that forever home I long for. I would suit most home settings because I’m such an easy going girl. I’m neutered and my carers say I’m around 4-5 years old. I’m exceptionally friendly and crave the magic human touch. I’ve been so patient but have itchy paws for a lifelong home. I was in one of the cages hoping someone would choose me but no-one did so on 18th March 2013, when I was feeling so fed up of being in it, Faye let me out which felt great! I had a mooch around and it’s a nice place but to be honest I’m happy just relaxing and sleeping in a bed in the main cattery. I don’t ask for much attention, but I love it when I get it, and sometimes I do a little inspection of the grounds and the office just to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you like the look of me why not pop in and meet me or call the rescue during opening times on 0161 653 6530 for more information, love Fizz xx