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Here we feature those cats who have finally found a home after living as residents or waiting many months before being homed. We also feature some of the lovely success stories from our adoptees. Thank goodness for those extra special people who open their lives and homes to these cats. Thankyou from all of us at Oldham Cats xxx

GEORGE – At long last he’s found a forever home.

UPDATE: GEORGE HAS BEEN ADOPTED!! On Sunday 1st December 2013 a wonderful family came and adopted George. At long last he has a forever home and we are beyond thrilled. We’ve already had an update from them and a lovely photo on our facebook page. George looks so happy and content, and the family say it’s like he’s always been with them. Such happy news, and thankyou to the lovely family for giving George the home he so deserves xx
Previous post in adoption: This is a special and urgent appeal for a home for George. We let him be a resident as no-one showed an interest in adopting him despite his beautiful personality and his love of humans. But, Pugsy has been bullying him so twice we’ve had to put him back in a cage poor boy. He’s in a cage right now. This time because he started going down the road to the children’s playground and trying to get in people’s cars. We think it’s because he’s so desperately unhappy due to Pugsy picking fights with him. Is there someone out there who can give this wonderful boy a proper home and the love he deserves and returns? We really hope so. It’s so unfair we keep having to shut him in a cage. He arrived at the rescue on 27th September 2013 and had a microchip with his name on it which also told us he’s 9 and had been living as a stray for about a year before coming to the rescue. The kind people feeding him didn’t know he had a chip. We wrote to his ‘chipped’ owners as their contact phone number was unobtainable, but we didn’t get a reply so George was made available for rehoming. He’s a beautiful large cat who is already neutered and extremely laid back. For his age he has impeccable health. Unfortunately no-one showed an interest in adopting him, we’ve no idea why as he LOVES humans.

A message from Tia from her new home

Tia now“If it wasn’t for you, Oldham cats & Davina Hanes & the lady who fed me when I was homeless I wouldn’t be here now on my Dad’s side of the bed, thank you!!!!” Thank you so much for your message Tia, we’re delighted you have such a wonderful forever home! xx Tia was another of our Mums from Aunty Davina Hanes’ fostering abode. She was found homeless and pregnant by a kind lady who helped her get to us. She then went into foster care with the amazing Hanes household until her babies were weaned. She was a very young mum who was exceptionally well behaved in foster and at the rescue, and definitely had the purr factor.


PopcornHello everyone, my name is Popcorn. I arrived at the rescue on 19th April 2012 and they assumed I was a stray. When I was scanned (they always do that to check if any cat who arrives is microchipped) I had one so they all got very excited that I might be reunited with my owners. Sadly, even though Faye wrote them a letter, she never got a reply, so I was put up for adoption after 2 weeks of waiting. No-one came along and chose me so I was given my freedom at the rescue. I quite enjoyed it, especially noseying around the office (that’s me in the office in my picture) but there was one problem. I got a bit bullied by one of the other residents (who shall remin nameless but he knows who he is!!). Thankfully, after a few months someone saw me and adopted me. I was thrilled and am so happy to have been chosen to get a loving home of my own at last, love Popcorn xx



Hello all, my name is Paddy and the picture on the left was taken in June 2012 when I originally came to the rescue. I was then adopted out for a short time but returned as the adoption didn’t work out.  Nobody took an interest in me so my carers decided my time was up for being cooped up in a cage and I became a resident. Then, in November 2012 someone’s son fell in love with me as I sat in front of the fire in the office. Sadly, once again I had to be returned to the rescue in August 2013. My new owners relationship broke down. I think a lot of good loving and living had given me a rounder shape than the last time I was at the rescue don’t you think?! Here’s my photo taken on my return.PADDY.AUG13I was born on St.Patricks Day, hence my name, and will be 7 years old in March 2014.  I happily lived with other cats at my last home (there were 6 of us) and young children too.  I adore fuss and attention and nothing more than to rub my chin and cheeks against humans for comfort.  Oh and settee’s are a good place to sit in my experience, positioned between two people preferably! I have such exciting news to tell you! I have been chosen again and adopted! This time I really hope it’s forever and my carers hope it will be too. I’ve gone to such a wonderful home. Life at the rescue is great but a home of your own cannot be faulted! love Paddy xx Paws crossed you don’t see me again on here.


Hi, my name’s Figaro and I’ve got an incredible stroy to tell you!  I’m a very large black and white proud male and lived as a resident at Oldham Cats for quite a while.  I liked to “strut my stuff”, show my cheeky character, and  be stroked but only on my terms, usually if anyone had those tasty biscuits on offer!  I know I’m an absolute star and very handsome, all the volunteers said so too.  My life before I came to the rescue was a very lonely one, I was as a stray.  I had been wandering the streets for about a month until some kind soul brought me to Oldham Cats.  I was available for adoption but unfortunately the right person didn’t come along so after a while I became a resident.  I loved my life at Oldham Cats – all the volunteers took such excellent care of me, there was plenty of food, cuddles (when I allowed it) and, when needed, veterinary care.  But although I never told any of the other residents, I did sometimes fancy the idea of a home of my own.  Then, incredibly, someone fell for me and took me home on a trial run (I’m not sure what that meant but it consisted of lots of spoiling I can tell you and tons of those biscuits!).    After several weeks my new family told me it had been a success and I got to stay!   I’m really loving it, it’s taken a bit of getting used to but it’s extra special because my new family haven’t tried to stop me having my own special personality.   I even reward them with more affection and sit next to them quite a lot.  Not all the time of course, I don’t want them to think I’ve gone soft or something! Love Figaro xx (updated 6/9/2013)


 This is our very special Siamese…Scotia


Scotia needed to be homed somewhere with NO OTHER CATS, was around 9 years old and only had 3 teeth but EXTREMELY LOVING.  She needed a long-term home and is also on occasional medication as sometimes her stools are loose but the medication helps with this.  She loves a good chat and loves to rub around your legs at feed time and enjoys the warmth and comfort of the human knee. We had Scotia for many months as nobody was interested in the beautiful Lilac point Siamese. She is so adorable, most of our volunteers would take her in a heartbeat but we all have cats. Due to her medical issues the vet advises that she can’t be rehomed with other cats sadly. We really seriously struggled to rehome her and began to give up hope of that special adopter ever coming along.
But on the 23rd June 2012 the perfect person chose her and our dear Scotia has been rehomed………A long wait, but well worth it.

 I speak on behalf of all volunteers who tried so hard to find Scotia “home” when I say a huge thank you to her new owners…..what would we do without people like you who look beyond the little problems that our felines can sometimes bring? I didn’t think that this day would ever come around. We love you….and Scotia of course. May you all grow old(er) and happier together, love Faye . xxxx