Little Jacks Story



‘The life of Little Jack’ is a true and moving story which tells the journey of a little abandoned kitten alone and in need of surgery.

12244261_10201088246326476_571175806569633940_o (1)The book, written by one of our volunteers, tells of Little Jack’s progress following his arrival at Oldham Cats Rescue and indeed how he managedto adapt in his n13221685_10154858823054554_1023844530048363185_new home with twelve other furry friends.


‘The life of Little Jack’ is currently available on Amazon and will soon be available in book stores.


As from 29th May, copies of the book may also be purchased at    Oldham Cats Rescue.

All proceeds from the book will go to the Rescue itself.


Please read all about my story from the local news.

The Story Continues….

The Return of Little Jack: ‘Spits, Hisses and Furbaby Kisses’.


This true, moving and humorous story, the sequel to the ‘The Life of Little Jack’, provides an insight into the life of a remarkable blind rescue-cat.


Little Jack’s fate changed suddenly when a small rescue charity accepted him as a small kitten. Through the support of this charity, Jack found his ‘forever home’. This book, spoken through the voice of Little Jack, encapsulates his personality and those of his furry peers; it explores feline integration with emotive candour, hilarity and sadness alike.


With much feline, predatory frolic, will Little Jack cope amongst a furry brood of superlative specimens?


Within his short life, Jack has already been subject to many a challenge…is he resilient enough to overcome these?


This remarkable little cat has already touched many a heart. What exactly is so special about Little Jack and his furry family?


Read on to discover more about Little Jack’s extra-sensory perception. Experience his trials and tribulations, laugh and cry at his fun-filled frolics as he overcomes barriers he encounters.

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